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Banner advertising is considered a main stay of online advertising with advertisers, affiliates & web site owners making use of banner advertising to get their message and offers out in front of as many customers as possible. Our banner exchange script is the perfect solution for anyone considering starting their own banner exchange business.

The traffic exchange scripts banner exchange script has been written in PHP and MYSQLi and contains many features that can not be found in other banner exchange scripts. With the use of modern code you can rest assured that the traffic exchange scripts banner exchange script will be viable for many years to come.

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Unlike many other banner exchange scripts that are using code that may be depreciated in the near future. Our banner exchange script uses modern code and method of delivery. As the banner exchange owner / admin You are able to create / edit account types limiting the number of banners your members can advertise based on their account type.

Banner Exchange Banners are chosen at random from the database from either free or upgraded members where only banners with allocated credits that have been enabled by the site administrator (you) will ever get shown. The traffic exchange scripts banner exchange script has some really great features, such as enabling you to show banners from other networks. Be it monetized banner traffic or banners from other exchanges you decied.

Some Of The Banner Exchange Script Features :

Members Area :

A brief overview of the banner exchange members area.

  •   Fresh Responsive Web Site Template.
  •   Adding / Editing / Deleting banner's.
  •   Assigning of banner exchange credits.
  •   Releasing of banner exchange credits.
  •   Changing of approved banner status.
  •   Updating of registered e-mail address.
  •   Updating of pay-out e-mail address.
  •   Purchase additional banner exchange credits.
  •   Purchase via login one time offers.
  •   Purchase at discount using discount codes.
  •   Upgrading of banner exchange account (subscriptions).
  •   Automated member PayPal Purchase delivery.
  •   Automated member Payeer Purchase delivery.
  •   Automated member Coinpayments Purchase delivery.
  •   Variety of crypto coins can be used to purchase.
  •   Members can advertise 468x60 sized banners.
  •   Members can advertise 125x125 sized banners.
  •   Members can advertise 728x90 sized banners.
  •   Members can advertise 300x250 sized banners.
  •   Viewing of earnings and commission history.
  •   Request cash out of earnings once minimum achieved.
  •   Viewing of account purchase history.
  •   Earn exchange credits for each unique banner view.
  •   Earn reduced credits for each repeat banner view.
  •   Earn banner exchange credits promoting splash pages.
  •   Earn banner exchange credits for referring members.
  •   Make use of promotional banners (you created).
  •   Great external program down line builder.
  •   Participate in in-house contests to win prizes.
  •   Upgraded member rewards (splash page ads, etc).
  •   Strict email verification & re-verification.
  •   Resend account activation email.
  •   Member lost password reset.
  •   Earn commission on down-line purchases (set via admin).
  •   And much much more.

Admin Area :

A brief overview of the banner exchange admin area.

  •   Fresh Responsive Web Site Template.
  •   Changing site administrator login info.
  •   Create sub administrator accounts.
  •   Setting of exchange credits for new members.
  •   Approve / Edit / Deny members banners.
  •   Each account type can have alt exchange ratios.
  •   Email members based on account type.
  •   Email offer system (offer credits, points, cash).
  •   Can modify members banners at will.
  •   View Member info based on account type.
  •   Edit Member account record at will.
  •   Encode and decode user passwords.
  •   Ban Exchange Members Banner URL's.
  •   Ban images from entier domains.
  •   Suspended Banner Exchange Members.
  •   Suspended un-wanted Banners.
  •   Enable or disable down line builder.
  •   Add / Edit down line builder programs.
  •   Generate down line builder splash pages instantly.
  •   Add / Edit / Start / Stop in-house contests.
  •   Generate promo codes members can use for discounts.
  •   Add / View / Edit purchase history.
  •   View / Delete member commission records.
  •   Track members trying to show Suspended Banners.
  •   Show banners from external banner networks.
  •   View 24hr banner exchange statistics.
  •   Track Active banner exchange members.
  •   Track banner traffic sources.
  •   Track splash page traffic sources.
  •   Track total number of banner impressions delivered.
  •   Sell advertising products (7 products pre added).
  •   Sell account upgrades with account specific settings.
  •   Modify login spotlight ad when ever you want.
  •   Check banners to make sure they are still live.
  •   Can enter / edit link partners links.
  •   Can enter / edit on-site news.
  •   And much much more.

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Only $49.95

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Server Requirements :
  • Top level domain or sub domain.
  • 1 x MYSQL Database.
  • MYSQLi & PHP 7.1+ installed.
  • Ability to run CRON jobs (not essential).
  • FTP Access & CHMOD rights.
  • Some Basic HTML knowledge.
  • Web site hosting.
Banner Exchange Script Screen Shot #1
Banner Exchange Script Screen Shot #2

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Full Admin Control

Administer your banner exchange via the built in administrator back-end or create sub admin accounts.

Full Members Area

Registered members have access to a comprehensive back-end where they are able to fully administer their own accounts.

Clean Modern Code

Built using PHP and MYSQLi our scripts run natively on PHP7. With page styling handled via CSS files for easy customization

Beautiful Charts

Where relevant our traffic exchange scripts make use of graphical data driven charts

Responsive Layout

Highly responsive yet easy to customize web site template.

And much more...

Such as Strict email verification, Instant Payment Notifications & Ongoing Support

Order Your Copy Of The Banner Exchange Script Today And Download Instantly!

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